Ten Minutes to London

I’m nearing my three week checkpoint on the line. My feet are blistered, my eyes are raccooned, and I’m having the time of my life.

My first trip I had a layover in Fort Lauderdale with an amazing crew who took me out to dinner where they shared their insight and tips with me. Next, I was awarded an “on-premise-reserve” shift where you are responsible for sitting at the airport on call just in case scheduling needs to re-crew a flight last minute. I had read about “OPR” but I didn’t really know what to expect, I figured I would just nap at the airport for a few hours.

I drop my bags and check in for my shift and head to the concourse to grab a bite to eat before my nap. Ten minutes later, as I’m waiting for my food order, I get a call from crew scheduling and they tell me I’m going to London!

The scheduler informs me that the plane is already boarding so I need to get there as soon as humanly possible. No time to stress, trial by fire.

Six hours later we land in a sunny London and I am absolutely exhausted. We arrive at our cute boutique hotel in a gorgeous part of town. I immediately crash onto my bed for some much needed shut eye.

A few hours later I find myself hungry and in need of a glass of wine. I spent the next five hours strolling around the beautiful and historic city, stopping in bookstores and little shops, nibbling on appetizers and sipping on wine whenever a restaurant caught my eye.

Around 10 p.m. I found my way back to my charming little 5th floor room where I took a long hot shower and reflected on the amazing and unplanned experience I had just had. Twenty four hours prior I thought I was just going to take a nap in the crew room, and now I’m going to bed in London.

I slept soundly that night dreaming of all the adventures to come.





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