Never fly on an Empty Stomach

Ok so lets talk about work trips. During training the FAA requires that each Flight Attendant logs 5 hours of flying time, this time is referred to as a work trip. My first trip I was scheduled for a Dallas to Charlotte turn. I was so excited to get out of the training facility and up in the sky. Needless to say, I was too excited to sleep the night before and had to be up at 4am to get pretty for my flight. Well the cafeteria here doesn’t open until 6 am so I had the bright idea to just skip breakfast.

Fast Forward two hours…

My flight buddy and I arrive at the airport for our check in, grinning ear to ear, and LOVING the attention we were getting from walking in our uniforms. I’m serious, if you ever need a confidence booster, throw on a flight attendant uniform and walk through an airport, you will feel like Miss Universe.

We meet the crew we will be flying with, they were all so nice and excited to have us. All this time I am chugging starbucks. We start to taxi to the runway and we do our first ever live safety demo (what a rush!). 35,000 ft. later, we are up in the air and I’m serving first class. The flight starts to get pretty bumpy and all of a sudden the combination of no breakfast and way too much espresso gets to me. I drop my tray in the galley and run to the lav. I have never even been in an airplane lav before and the first thing I do in one is throw up…great.

All in all it was a great day with some amazing people, but trying to serve hot towels and warm nuts while you are sweating and trying not to be sick is one of the least fun things I can think of.

Learn from my mistakes, if you are flying, eat and lay off the coffee!




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  1. Must have been worth a few laughs, after the flight. Not for you but the rest of them. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself and always wish you the best love you


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