Flight Attendant Boot Camp

So here I am, about to round out my fourth week of flight attendant training, or what I fondly refer to as bootcamp, and instead of studying for my millionth exam, I decided to write my first blog post.

Like many people I was stuck in a dead end job hating almost every shift and bored out of my mind. I would try to imagine what I wanted to do when I “grew up” but travel was always in the forefront of my mind. Well, how the hell am I going to travel around the world and still be able to afford to feed myself? Do I marry rich? Well, I could try it but I doubt I would feel fulfilled for very long and I’ll wind up right back where I started. Do I join the peace corp? ehh, I’m not that rustic. Then one day my mom mentioned to me that airlines had been hiring new flight attendants. Ok, that sounds like something I could do! Six months later, I’m sitting here in my hotel room procrastinating studying to tell you about my new life.

I’ll be honest, training has been anything but easy. Our instructors have been absolutely amazing and completely supportive, but the curriculum is intense and can feel like information overload. A month ago the only thing I knew about airplanes was that there was a pilot somewhere up front driving and you aren’t allowed to pee when the fasten seatbelt sign is on. Now, I can evacuate an aircraft in under a minute and know where all the emergency equipment is located. Pretty empowering stuff.

Being stuck on this little campus 24/7 gets old. We are all missing our freedom and privacy but the reward on the other side is well worth the pain. There have been a lot of tears shed, but we are determined to walk across that stage on graduation and receive our wings.

Next week we will receive our base assignments and have two weeks to find a place to live. Until then, I’ll be staring at aircraft diagrams and yelling at dummies to “Jump and Slide!”

Can’t wait to fly away…


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